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The power of sound to make microfluidics active.

We integrate surface acoustic wave technologies with microfluidics.

Advancing passive microfluidics with active functions opens up completely new possibilities for particle, cell, fluid and droplet handling. At MicroAcoustiX, we combine Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) technology with integrated microfluidic structures to create next-generation lab-on-a-chip devices. Find out what´s possible!

Micro & nano particle sorting

Continuous automated particle sorting from µm to nm size.

Blood cell & blood plasma separation

Automated high-purity blood plasma collection for liquid biopsy applications.

Compact microacoustic aerosol sources for liquid atomization and aerosol generation.

Aerosol, jet & droplet generation

Coming soon:
Biomarker isolation

Two-step bead-based process for isolating extracellular vesicles for liquid biopsy applications.

Your specific


Let us discuss how MicroAcoustiX can bring your application forward.

Partner with us to bring your microfluidic application to the next level.

Are you looking to advance your microfluidic application with active Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology in fundamental or applied research or in the life sciences or bio/medtech industries? Do you have limited experience or resources to realize efficient acoustofluidic solutions?


Let us help you to focus on your application while we provide the technical expertise.

Benefit from our award-winning patented technology.

Science4Life VC.png

Science4Life Venture Cup (Idea & Concept Phase) 2020

Stempel Leipzig 2022_farbe.jpg

IQ Innovation Award

Cluster Life Science 2022

20220301_Innovationspreis 2022_rund.png

Innovation Award of the BioRegions Germany 2022

Sächsische Zeitung.png

Top Ten Research in Saxony 2022

Take advantage from our know-how to reach your goal.

Our team has years of experience in designing, manufacturing and analyzing acoustofluidic chips and systems for high-quality results. Our patented manufacturing technology allows for the integration of SAW transducers and custom microchannel designs at waferscale, coming along with easy-to-handle chip-cartridge solutions and optimized experimental setups.


lab setups

We give you a head start with fast- and easy-to-handle acoustofluidic setups, even if you are new to the field.

Full waferscale microfabrication

With our techniques, your acoustofluidic application will be reliable, scalable and cost-efficient. Avoid the drawbacks of PDMS.

Highest geometry precission

We deliver the high geometry precision and repeatability for a proper function of your acoustofluidic system.

From prototype to series production

We offer acoustofluidic microchip fabrication from prototyping to small series and mass production.

Chips and wafers: Customized manufacturing

We are specialized in the design and manufacturing of integrated acoustofluidic chips with our patented waferscale microfabrication technique. Whether you are looking for a new acoustofluidic layout or improve existing ones, we have the expertise and resources to support you every step of the way. We also provide prototyping of passive microchannels and conventional waferscale masters for your soft-lithography approach.

Plasma separation chip_edited.jpg

Acoustofluidic chip & wafer fabrication


Microfluidic channel prototyping

PDMS Master2_square.jpg

PDMS masters

Lab-around-the-chip: Miniaturized periphery components & setups

​Let us handle the technical issues while you focus on the biological aspects of your research. We provide you with acoustofluidic chips and cartridges as well as integrated lab setups with all necessary components (temperature-controlled sample stage, microscope, fluid pumps, SAW power generator and software control), to make your experiments work reliably from the start.


Integrated acoustofluidic chip cartridges


Miniaturized integrated lab setups


Control software integration

MicroAcoustiX is a startup project born in the workgroup"Acoustic Microsystems" of Leibniz Institute of Solid State and Materials Research (IFW) in Dresden, Germany. We are part of SAWLab Saxony, the competence center for fundamental and applied research on surface acoustic waves.

We acknowledge funding by

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