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Aerosol Generation

The power of sound to create fine aerosols.

We generate micro- and nanometer-sized droplet aerosols.

At MicroAcoustiX, we are developing the next-generation of compact, integratable atomizers and aerosol sources, creating directed fine micro- and nanometer-sized droplets using surface acoustic wave technology.


Our aerosol sources offer a narrow droplet size distribution and an adjustable flow rate, exhibits low shear forces and can be used with a broad fluid spectrum from aqueous solutions and organic solvents towards highly viscous particle solutions and anorganic inks as well as biological fluids and cell suspensions.

MicroAcoustiX' aerosol sources are available as stand-alone devices, for flange-based vacuum system or tube furnace integration as well as compact integrated aerosol print heads with aerodynamical focusing. Our aerosol sources can be seamlessly combined with pumping systems or autosamplers for continuous sample or ink supply.

Surface Acoustic Wave-based aersosol generation

The liquid is fed into the active region of the aerosol chip through an integrated microchannel, where it interacts with the surface acoustic waves in their propagation path and is immediately atomized. With our chip up to 4 different liquids can be fed into the atomization zone at the same time through independent microfluidic channels.


SAW-based aerosol sources show considerable advantages over other traditional aerosol generators and, in particular, ultrasonic atomization. SAW aerosol generators use significantly less power and do not require moving parts, orifices (e.g., nozzles), or meshes, and are suited to produce micro- and nanometer-sized droplets with adjustable droplet size distribution.

Broad range of materials and applications

MicroAcoustiX' aersosol sources can be used to generate aerosols for chemical analytics such as mass spectrometry and optical emission spectroscopy, for aersosol-based material deposition and focused aersosol jet printing of particle inks and biological fluids and cell suspensions, for medical applications such as inhalation therapy and odor generation, as well as for all kinds of aerosol research.

Chemical analysis

  • Mass spectrometry

  • Optical emission spectroscopy

Material deposition

  • Aerosol jet printing

  • Microprinting

  • Bioprinting

Medical application

  • Inhalation therapy

  • Olfactory displays

Aerosol research

  • Droplet size standards

  • Fundamental investigations

Performance parameters

  • Droplet size: adjustable (in-situ/ex-situ) in the range of 100 nm - 30 µm

  • Flow rate: adjustable in the range of 250 nl/min - 100 µl/min (up to 1 ml/min possible)

  • Atomization efficiency: >99 %, no recirculation of liquid

  • Suitable for highly viscous materials up to 1000 mPas (e.g. glycerol)

  • Feeding of up to 4 different liquids at the same time


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