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Next-Generation Sample Preparation

We automate, integrate and simplify sample preparation.

At MicroAcoustiX, we are developing the next-generation of cell, plasma and biomarker separation - beyond expensive, bulky and work-intensive centrifuges. We aim to simplify the complex and time-consuming preparation of body fluid samples for sophisticated biomarker-based diagnostics.


Our CleanPlasma technology overcomes the hurdles of conventional centrifugation techniques with a completely new approach. In our small microfluidic chips we use gentle sound waves - instead of high mechanical forces - to separate blood cells and obtain a highly pure plasma sample.


The chip-based CleanPlasma process is fully automatable, so sample preparation can be integrated seamlessly into existing diagnostic equipment to create an interruption-free diagnostics process chain.

Gentle handling

The gentle sound-wave based separation ensures cells and biomarkers are not exposed to high shear forces, preserving their integrity.

Time efficiency

CleanPlasma enables efficient sample handling in a single-step process, avoiding time-consuming manual handling.


Our chip-based technique allows for a full automation of the separation process, delivering precise and user-independent results.


Our chip modules can be seamlessly fitted into your existing diagnostic device to significantly enhance process integration.

Chip-based blood plasma separation

CleanPlasma is a chip-based microfluidic technology for the preparation of high-quality blood plasma samples for diagnostic purpose, using the so-called acoustofluidic separation technique. 


​High-frequency sound waves (surface acoustic waves, SAW) are generated on our CleanPlasma acoustofluidic chips, creating a pressure field within an integrated microchannel. The pressure differences influence the behavior of the cells in a downstreaming blood sample and enables the continuous purification of the liquid blood components (plasma with biomarkers) by separation from the solid components (blood cells including the platelets) - automated, gentle and efficient. ​

Real-time video showing separated blood stream within acoustofluidic channel (microscope image)

CleanPlasma creates blood plasma samples with a comparably high purity (low cell concentration) as conventional centrifugation protocols, however, our samples shows no measurable signs of platelet activation or hemolysis.

Thus, our CleanPlasma chip has the potential to replace the existing laboratory centrifuges and can even be directly integrated into diagnostic devices to enable a fully automated process flow.

Plasma separation chip_edited.jpg

CleanPlasma acoustofluidic chip

Plasma Sample_cut3.jpg

High-purity blood plasma sample (middle)

Experimental setups and lab devices

Our CleanPlasma blood cell separation system is built using miniaturized components, providing significant advantages over conventional techniques for cell separation. We consequently reduced the size of electrical periphery, pumps, and connectors leading to a very small footprint in your setup. Furthermore, we designed a small optical microscopy modul with high resolution for R&D applications. The system's small size allows for increased portability and ease of use e.g. in field studies, as well as reduced costs for reagents and disposables. Furthermore, the system's small size allows for increased control over the microenvironment, resulting in improved consistency and reproducibility of results. Altogether, CleanPlasma offers a highly convenient and efficient solution for cell handling in your research and diagnostic applications.

separation setup_cut_edited.jpg

Blood plasma separation

Cartridge in Setup.jpg

Integrated chip cartridge


MicroLab modular experimental setup


Coming soon: CleanPlasmaSorter lab device (design concept)

Benefit from our award-winning technology.

We are proud to announce that MicroAcoustiX CleanPlasma technology won the IQ Innovation Award 2022 (Life Science Cluster).

IQ Mitteldeutschland.png
IQ Preisverleihung.jpg

Awards and prizes

Science4Life VC.png

Science4Life Venture Cup (Idea & Concept Phase) 2020

Stempel Leipzig 2022_farbe.jpg

IQ Innovation Award

Cluster Life Science 2022

20220301_Innovationspreis 2022_rund.png

Innovation Award of the BioRegions Germany 2022

Sächsische Zeitung.png

Top Ten Research in Saxony 2022


Blood platelet enrichment in mass-producible surface acoustic wave (SAW) driven microfluidic chips

Cynthia Richard, Armaghan Fakhfouri, Melanie Colditz, Friedrich Striggow, Romy Kronstein-Wiedemann, Torsten Tonn, Mariana Medina-Sánchez, Oliver G. Schmidt, Thomas Gemming and Andreas Winkler

Lab on a Chip, 2019, 19, 4043–4051


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