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gespeicherte Abschnitte und Entwürfe

Setups, devices and pipeline products

Modular Experimental Setup

Lab Device

integratable OEM module

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Plasma separation chip_edited.jpg
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What our collaborators/customers say

Dr. Jekyll und Mr. Hide

"Wir konnten unsere Experimente direkt beginnen, ohne voher aufwendige Chipentwicklung betreiben zu müssen."

Your SAW solution starts here: Meet the experts

We are an interdisciplinary team of visionaries and scientists with a passion for bringing acoustofluidic solutions to the market and for serving the individual needs of your application.

Dr. Stefanie Hartmann

Business Developer

Dr. Andreas Winkler

Scientific Advisor SAW Systems

Dr. Uhland Weißker

Hard-/Software Developer

Melanie Colditz

Biotech Scientist

Dr. Mehrzad Roudini

Scientific Advisor Aerosol Tech

Kateryna Ivanova

Biotech Scientist

Steve Wohlrab

Lab Assistant

Dr. Amy Fakhfouri

Scientific Advisor Acoustofluidics

Team & Contact

Dr. Stefanie Hartmann


+49 163 1600548

Dr. Andreas Winkler

Head of SAW Technology

+49 351 4659 xxx

Dr. Uhland Weißker

Head of Product Development

Dipl.-Ing. Melanie Colditz

Head of Application Development

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